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This page is very out of date. My Goodreads page is probably a better place to look.

In keeping with the grand internet tradition of making completely useless information available, I am going to keep a list of all the books I read on my site.  To make this slightly less useless I am including links to buy these books from  One of these days I will get around to some reviews too...

I primarily read Fantasy and Sci-fi with some horror and the occaisional straight fiction novel.

Here they are:

Title Author Date Started Date Finished
The Dogs of Winter Kem Nunn 10th October 1999  
The Business Banks, Iain 22nd September 1999 23rd September 1999
Enchantment Card, Orson Scott 12th September 1999 15th September 1999
Mountain of Black Glass Tad Williams 6th September 1999 12th September 1999
Chapter House Dune Herbert, Frank   6th September 1999
Heart Readers Rusch, Kristine Katherine    
Heretics of Dune Herbert, Frank    
The Burning Stone Elliot, Kate    
I am Legend Matheson, Richard 2nd June 1999  
God Emperor of Dune Herbert, Frank 23rd May 1999 1st June 1999
Sunglasses After Dark Collins, Nancy A. 20th May 1999 23rd May 1999
The Gilded Chain Duncan, Dave 18th May 1999 19th May 1999
Vittorio the Vampire Rice, Anne 16th May 1999 17th May 1999
Children of Dune Herbert, Frank 14th May 1999 16th May 1999
Dune Messiah Herbert, Frank 12th May 1999 14th May 1999
Dune Herbert, Frank 9th May 1999 12th May 1999
Future Imperfect Duncan, Dave    
Present Tense Duncan, Dave    
Past Imperitive Duncan, Dave    
Others Herbert, James    
The Vampire Armand Rice, Anne    

Here is the equally useless list of books which I have bought, but not yet read, or that I have started reading and not completed:

Title Author
Prometheus Rising Robert Anton Wilson
The Thousand Nights and One Night (started) Mardrus & Mathers (translated by)
The Odyssey Homer
The Illiad Homer
The Picture of Dorian Grey Oscar Wilde
Paradise Lost Milton
Darwin's Radio Greg Bear
120 Days of Sodom Marquis De Sade
Finnegans Wake James Joyce
Quantum Psychology (started) Robert Anton Wilson
The Great Shark Hunt (started) Hunter S. Thompson
The Western Wizard Mickey Zucker Reichert
Sailing to Utopia Michael Moorcock
Elminster: Making of a Mage Ed Greenwood
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